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Mission Statement


Reisenfeld & Associates LPA, LLC is a law firm specializing in creditors’ rights representation and the mortgage banking industry. We provide superior legal representation to our clients with diligence, responsiveness and integrity.


Core Values


As a company, and as individuals, these are the values we hold as standards in our organization.   



We believe in honesty, decency and fairness. We hold ourselves and our work up to the highest standard of ethical behavior in a professional and honest manner.


In the largest undertakings and the smallest tasks, we strive to produce the best work possible for our clients. We show the utmost attention to detail on an individual and company level.


We consider our relationships with our clients, employees and community to be our focus. Our extraordinary drive to succeed in all of our efforts separates us from our competition.


We build relationships in the work environment that benefit our clients and provide support for our employees. Across the firm and with our clients, we recognize that no one succeeds unless we all succeed.


We encourage diversity among our associates and value the differences among us. We have great respect for the firm, for the client, for each other and this is demonstrated in our every action.