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There are times when foreclosure is the only legal avenue to recover a client’s financial investment. However, as an alternative to foreclosure, loss mitigation can save clients thousands of dollars in foreclosure costs and may also preserve customer relationships. At times, loss mitigation opportunities also offer resolution to expenses connected with poor or non-performing loans.


Reisenfeld & Associates has a full-service in-house Home Retention Department. We understand how stressful it can be for borrowers who are facing foreclosure. Time is of the essence and swift action is needed to find an alternative to foreclosure. We proactively reach out to those borrowers currently in default and work with both the client and the borrower to find successful alternatives to foreclosure.

Some loss mitigation alternatives we offer include:


Deeds-in-lieu of Foreclosure

The borrower voluntarily transfers title to the property to the lender to avoid foreclosure.


The borrower brings the loan current by paying all amounts past due on the account.

Repayment Plan/Forbearance Programs

The lender agrees to put the foreclosure on hold while the borrower makes monthly payments to gradually bring the loan current.


The borrower pays the loan in full.


Short Sale

The lender agrees to accept less than what is owed in full satisfaction of the loan through a sale to a third party.

Loan Modifications

The lender agrees to modify one or more of the terms of the note and mortgage to make the payments more affordable to the borrower.


If Reisenfeld & Associates represents your mortgage company and is attempting to collect a debt from you, we may be able to assist you with one of the above options. In order to be considered for any of these options, you must complete a financial work-out package.


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